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    Drying industrial centrifugal fan can be used for drying in various places, mainly used for ventilation system. Transmission medium is air, the highest temperature does not exceed 250 ℃.
    Product standard
    PerformanceAir flow range15229~446000m³/h
    Pressure range343~4256Pa
    Product feature
    The blade of the impeller is bevel cut from the 12 backward sloping wings, and that looks like a bevel hook on the middle of the anterior disc of the curved cone and the posterior disc of the flatbed shape. Because the true shape blade is adopted, the fan has high efficiency, low noise and high intensity. The impeller runs smoothly after static and dynamic balance correction. The same number of through, induced draft fan impeller structure is the same.
    The housing is a snail body welded with ordinary steel plates. The housing of single suction fan is made into three different forms: No. 8~12 housing is made into an integral structure, which cannot be disassembled; No. 14-no. 16 housing made of two open;The housing of no. 18 ~ no. 28 is made into three-way. The induced draft fan and cochlear plate are thickened properly to prevent wear and tear.
    Product superiority
    The convergent and streamlined air inlet is made into an integral structure, which is fixed on the fan population side with bolts. Regulating door is used to adjust the fan flow device, axial installation in front of the air inlet. Adjustment range from 0 (full open) to 90 (full closed). Adjust the position of the door handle, from the direction of the air inlet in the right. On the right – hand fan, pull from the bottom to the top is pushed by the full closed to the full open direction;For left – hand cyclone, pull – down is from full – closed to full – open direction.China Industrial Centrifugal Fan